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Only a half day, so I left wanting more. Remind me again why I go so long between cons? Actually, I left feeling unconcluded -- there was no big farewell, no one to say goodbye to (and because R&G and M&L didn't go today, no one to leave with). I just walked out the door when the last event I was interested in was over, into the sunshiny reality, not looking back because maybe it wouldn't've been there if I had, just an impossible illusion. If you see me at the end of a con some year, bid me bon voyage or auf wiedersehen. It'll give me some sense of closure.

Highlights from today included hearing James Morrow read a chapter from his novel-in-progress, a historical fiction about a woman who works for Darwin and decides to take his ideas public when he won't. Even better, I went to the kaffeklatsch with Morrow immediately afterward, which was fast-paced and idea-filled. He posed a problem for us: suggest ways he could write a Victorian ghost story that was steampunk (something he unwittingly agreed to do for an anthology). In 50 minutes we talked about the life and death of genres, slavery, Stanislaw Lem, the Titanic, teleology, the year 1848, overly optimistic faith in science, cognitive dissonance, people's need for secret truths, and much more that sadly I can't remember.
Also Charlie Stross read his new story "Bit Rot", an indulgent zombie-robots-in-space story that was fun but in need of editing, repeating several explanatory bits. I hope they're gone in the published version, else I have my answer to a question I'd asked him at Friday's kaffeklatsch: will your widening fame make you become uneditable?

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