Oct. 18th, 2012

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Sometimes reading the same story from different sources just makes my head hurt. These can't all be true, but how to tell which? The worst part is how brazenly one or more of these sources is lying, simply stating (theoretically) easily verifiable things and just assuming no one will call them on it. So who should I be calling?

From NBC News, 10/17, 2:10pm:
Jeremy Epstein, First Questioner in Debate, Says He's No Longer Undecided
Asked Wednesday whether he was still undecided, Epstein said he was not.
"No, I think I made a decision," he said.
Epstein, who is studying exercise science, declined to reveal which candidate will be getting his vote.
But he told NBC 4 New York that before the debate, he was "swaying a little bit, I guess, towards the incumbent."

From ABC News, 10/17, 7:30pm:
But Epstein isn't expecting to be part of a potential Romney administration. He still considers himself undecided but leans toward one candidate.
"Well, if the election was today, I probably would vote for the president, so I don't know if you would call me undecided," he said. "But it would be a good label to put me under."

From Long island Newsday, 10/17, 9:59pm:
Nonetheless, Epstein said, he remains firmly undecided.
"Mitt Romney's interruptions were more outbursts and the president's were more subtle," Epstein said. "The president was more funny about it and Mitt Romney was a little intense about it."

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