Jun. 19th, 2010

F for Fake

Jun. 19th, 2010 02:10 am
eclectic_boy: (nielsen)
First post in over a month, and of all things it's a movie review?

Yeah, well it's not a typical movie. F for Fake is a documentary about forgery, by Orson Welles. Except it's not really a documentary. It's a figure-it-out-as-you-go-along mystery of interlocking forgers -- an artist who finds he can either starve painting his own works or prosper painting others', biographed (why isn't that a word?) by an author who immediately afterwards writes another book that turns out to be a cause celebre forgery -- an as-told-to "autobiography" of recluse Howard Hughes -- which casts his forger-profile into such doubt that now the forger's crimes are no longer believed, and an even greater forger who creates an entire new period for a famous, living, painter. It's told in interlocking flashforward/flashback, in a way I thought was a generation newer than its 1974 date, with a lot of philosophical musings thrown in, about subjects like how 'experts' have changed the nature of art.

It's not without its bumps and low points, but overall I was engrossed and entertained. I just returned it to Netflix (who for all I know have only one copy; it's hardly a chartbusting film), so now you can sign it out!

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