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I just had two current students knock on my door, circulating a petition to get a referendum on this year's ballot on whether the borough of Swarthmore should be a dry community or a wet community -- a referendum explicitly designed to overturn the 2001 referendum that Swarthmore would permit the selling of alcohol only on the premises of an inn located on the grounds of a four-year institution of higher learning. In other words, a specifically tailored "College Inn law". Their argument was that the law was serving a special interest by giving that exemption, and that a ten-year-old referendum couldn't be taken to necessarily reflect the opinions of residents now.

I located a Phoenix op-ed about it, but I didn't get any idea from it (nor from the students) whether this was being organized by students, ville residents, owners of other Swarthmore businesses, or what. Had anyone else heard talk of such a referendum, or have any other thoughts on it?

Date: 2011-02-25 10:58 pm (UTC)
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I actually saw something in the Daily Gazette recently that this was being used by Living Wage types to get leverage against the college. I think the idea was that if the College didn't pay the employees at the Inn a living wage (and maybe even give them all other benefits that College staff are provided?), they would try to get this referendum passed, which would make the Inn an even worse business proposition for the College.

I'm not sure if I understood everything correctly, as I wasn't paying that much attention to it...but it seemed like a silly power play by the activists on campus...

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